'Meet the Executive'



Bernadette Martin BSc (chiro) DC FMCA 

I graduated in 1998 and joined the MCA Executive Committee in 2001 first in the role of Executive Officer, then Membership Secretary, followed by Secretary, Vice Chair and now President. I come from a strong customer service background having spent 23 years working for British Airways and understand the importance of keeping the customer happy! I have worked at the McTimoney College in the past and run many seminars over the years covering kinesiology, massage and other soft tissue techniques. I have had a special interest in quantum theory for 30 + years and am a certified advanced law of a attraction coach. I have undergone in depth medico-legal training with Bond Solon/ Cardiff University and work closely with our insurance company providing medico-legal advice and support to members, insurers and legal professionals as well as expert report writing.  

I love sport and in my spare time I like to ice skate with my son, who plays ice hockey for the Bracknell Hummers and I am a Level 1 ice hockey coach.

I have enjoyed every moment of service to the MCA and its members and have worked tirelessly to make sure our voice is heard, that the MCA influences policy both at home and abroad and that we continue to work towards unity, understanding and above all tolerance within our wonderful profession.   

Email: b.martin@mctimoney-chiropractic.org



Christine Chalmers DC FMCA 

I started my working life as a bilingual secretary and lived and worked in London (and yes, I can testify that the swinging sixties were a special time).  Then, motherhood and domesticity called.  But age 40 with children now at school I applied to the College, having had chiropractic care from Hugh Corley and been very impressed by the results.  At that time there was much competition for places on the course but luckily I made it through that process and continued on to qualify and work for the next 20 years in this very special profession and to serve on the Executive Committee.  It has been both a great pleasure and a privilege to do so.


Secretary (acting)

Nicola Morgan FMCA 

Graduating in 1984 Nicola was Secretary of the MCA and clinic tutor for several years. She rejoined the Executive Committee in 2010 and enjoys working for the MCA and the chiropractic profession. Her special interest is reinforcing relationships within the membership. She discovered McTimoney chiropractic by chance and is forever thankful to have trained as a chiropractor. She has worked through having 4 children and various house moves, but will be staying put now, with no plans to retire for some time.


Executive Officer



The role of Treasurer is incorporated into the MCA CEO position


Public Relations Officer

Hilary Royall BSc Chiro MMCA

Hilary graduated in 2010 and now runs her my own clinic Hinksey Chiropractic Clinic, which is based at a golf club in Oxford. She has a varied client list ranging from professional sportsmen and women to the elderly, but she feels that the most satisfying aspect of her work is rehabilitation. Hilary is also involved in the management of the Golf Club.


Membership Secretary (acting) 

Ian Carter