Children & Babies

Most children easily shrug off the rough and tumble of daily life. As life progresses, however, there are many incidents which can lead to niggling discomfort, poor concentration, an inability to sit still and also more specific problems such as back or neck pain, migraines and headaches.


These childhood problems can be the result of a difficult birth, the numerous bumps, falls and tumbles that are an inevitable part of childhood, poor posture, carrying heavy bags to and from school and sitting on ill-fitting furniture.


From babyhood upwards, the gentle nature of chiropractic the McTimoney way can help your child.


A combination of some or all of the following signs may indicate a misalignment in your baby’s skeletal system:

  • - Poor sleep or trouble settling

  • - Feeding difficulties

  • - Continuous crying

  • - Irritability and fractiousness

  • - Colic, sickness and wind


For older children, specific problems can include:

  • - Headaches

  • - Back and neck pain

  • - Sports injuries

  • - Muscular aches